At VEDICSOFT, you can have a rewarding and lasting career.

Whether you are seeking a new career opportunity or a stable employment or both, we offer a team-oriented workplace that encourages personal and professional success.


Life at VEDICSOFT is a perfect blend of challenging assignments and vibrant lifestyle. The VEDICSOFT family comprises of more than 400 brilliant minds, who believe in celebrating every moment of their life and career. They work hard and they play hard too! To bring out the best in our employees, we give them the required flexibility to increase their productivity with perfection. This explains why VEDICSOFT has been chosen as among the top 5 places to work in New Jersey. 

Marketing driven, not market driven.

  • Our customer relations are strong. Our marketing team is a powerhouse.
  • If your skills do not fit our model, we would be upfront to say NO.
  • Once you are in, we take pride in landing you in our projects every time.

Compliance driven, not convenience driven.

  • We prefer to do it right the first time. Our HR policies and hiring practices are in full compliance.
  • Consistent success in sponsorship transfers and extensions for those qualified applicants.
  • Right from the beginning, we have been advised by the best legal councils such as Sheela Murthy and Rajiv Khanna.

Freedom driven, not obligation driven.

  • None of our consultants are forced to work for us. An advanced notice of two weeks is all that they need to give.
  • We encourage employees to speak freely. It helps us better serve them through continuous improvement.

Transparency proven, not hide-and-seek driven.

  • Reach out to anyone in management with single phone call.
  • Talk to as many employee references as you would like.
  • We don’t promise big. We deliver what we say.