Colleges and universities face a combination of forces that require rethinking business model, reconsider relationships with stakeholders such as faculty, students, and administrators and understanding the rise of technology as an enabler of change. The CIO’s of these institutions are constantly evaluating the current approaches to address the business issues such as Student Recruitment, Student Retention, Fundraising, Reduced costs and higher operational efficiency, Greater classroom innovation.

Access to education is becoming increasingly democratized through social interaction, online learning, greater digital access and mobility, but the future of higher education no longer depends on the physical campus alone. Embarking on digital technologies is vital to remaining competitive in the future.

Summary of Features and Capabilities

Vedicsoft and Extreme Networks have designed an exclusive platform to provide better digital engagement across all multi channels a campus or any university is using.

Connected Campus, Smart & Safer work space – Provide safer, smarter, secure and more efficient campuses and communities.

• Securely onboard staff, prospective student and student devices

• Limit network access based on the user or device type or location or time of day

• Increase the student funnel size, convert college visits to enrollment, enhance retention & graduation rates     and reduce cost of college education, build mutual loyalty & ROI for students and colleges

• Real time, interactive communication from colleges and universities

Connected Learning – Empower students to learn more, learn through new channels and places, with new connections to resources globally through technology….

•  Onboard students into the class

•  Collaborative learning by sharing digital content and resources

•  Monitor and control student activity for positive outcomes

Benefits of Solution

• Individualize Student engagement with actionable insights

• Transform In-Campus student experience

• Inspire learning and connect your campus to enhance student experiences & outcomes

• Achieve greater ROI and Loyalty: Attract top talent, increase student pipeline and conversion rate, reduce dropout rates, interactive marketing for higher revenue and increase loyalty

• Achieve greater collaboration among students, faculty, administrators and other stakeholders.

• Operational Gains: Efficient utilization of IT assets and staff  Benefits of IDP program for faculty & administrators