As the economy grows stronger companies look to remain agile and plan to resolve talent gaps. Only 21 percent of staffing and recruiting firms feel they are doing “extremely well” when it comes to aligning their recruitment strategy with the behaviors of job seekers today. In addition, half of organizations think their application processes are just “average.” There is significant room for improvement. Understanding the importance of the candidate experience is key to attracting and hiring talent.

Sample Use Cases

Insufficient Number of High-Quality Applicants

  • Good Candidates May be Overlooked
  • Quality Candidates May Not be Able to Find Our Job

Time-Consuming, Manual, Disparate Processes

  • Resume Review and Screening
  • Applicant and Recruiter Workflow
  • Manual Tracking

Inability to Generate Reports

  • Measure Productivity
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Monitor ROI of Recruitment Dollars Spent

Applicant tracking systems for Staffing companies and corporate HRs

Vedicsoft Applicant Tracking System (VATS) makes recruitment trouble free for all the Corporate HRs and staffing companies. VATS extends the SugarCRM platform to provide fully integrated recruiting to manage candidate relationships, resumes, skills, job requisitions, submissions, and reporting. Easily manage the applicant data, organize, categorize and shortlist candidates according to the job openings provided by the clients. Automate the hiring routine and make your recruiting process fast and easy.

Business problems can often present an opportunity for business improvement. Recruitment process improvements, such as standardized workflows available in VATS System, have been shown to improve time-to-fill and cost-to-fill resulting in improved revenue.

While some companies struggle to find high-quality candidates via manual processes , research confirms that the most effective companies attract the best candidates by leveraging career portals and social media for open jobs. VATS System can provide you with an easy access to these features.

Additionally, VATS provides the opportunity to incorporate continuous improvement, learning, and growth using reporting to help identify areas that may benefit from improvement and return on investment.

All these benefits can be realized quickly following the implementation of VATS to support your strategic goals.

Features & Capabilities

Candidate Management
Complete visibility of the candidate from sourcing to matching to requirement to hiring. Source and track resumes from multiple sources. Match the best fiting candidates with your client needs without missing the right candidates.
Job Requisitions
Hiring managers, as well as HR, can create a requisition for internal and external candidates, electronically route for approvals, email workflow capability, track authorized and open positions.
Contact Relationship Management
Keep a track of all communications (emails, calls, meetings) with clients for enhanced service.
Integrated with SugarCRM
Fully integrated recruiting to manage candidate relationships, resumes, skills, job requisitions, submissions, and reporting
Resume Management
Manage all aspects of resume. Resume builder, Resume parser, Resume format, gather resume databases, scheduling interviews and tracking.
Requirements & Submissions Management
Create job postings, automated process for job postings, templates for posting, resume builder
Customize based on your requirements. Create custom modules, modify workflows, and personalize organization settings.
Audit Trial and Reporting
Track and learn all aspects of the data. VATS gives you the power to analyze the data with standard reports and customizable reports.

With Vedicsoft’s Applicant Tracking System, you can achieve

  • Significant ROI in all areas of the company
  • Significantly Higher Productivity
  • Faster Time-to-Fill
  • Standardized, Automated Process
  • Better Candidate Experience
  • Higher Quality Candidates