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Data Infusion is the complete solution for integrating data and analytics into your business.  It includes Data Management, Data Governance, Data Analytics, Data Programming and Business Process Engineering, all functions necessary to transform your business processes to be more efficient using data and analytics.

Data Programming

Data programming involves all the hands-on skills necessary to enable data to be used in business processes.  This includes functions, features and databases, both traditional and big data. Primary skills include designing and implementing data schema, writing queries of different types and complexity, writing procedures to pull data out of data streams, writing stored procedures, etc. Data programming also includes building Data Models, writing ETL Jobs, building Reports, Cubes, Dashboards, scorecards and developing data visualization.

Data Management

Data management includes Master Data Management, Reference Data Management and Meta-Data Management. It focuses on implementation of policies and procedures that places an organization in control of their business data irrespective of form of data or where it resides. It deals with end to end lifecycle of data i.e., from creation to processing to utilization and retirement of data. All kinds of business data is subject to the policies and procedures of data management, but is particularly useful to reduce the conflict that arises from data from various sources.

Data management is implemented through a cohesive infrastructure of technological resources and a governing framework that define the administrative processes used throughout the lifecycle of data.  The data management enhances compliance, greater security, improved sales and marketing interventions and improved data governance to reduce organizational risk.

We offer complete range of data management services from data architecture/high level design, data source evaluation, implementation roadmap, design (KPIs, Metrics, Alerts, Data Architecture, Infrastructure Plan, ETL Environment, Reporting and Analytics, Visualization), and development.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics provides new ways to gain business insights and optimize business processes. It is a methodical exploration of organizational data assets with emphasis on statistical and operational analysis, data mining, and predictive modelling.

There can be various business goals like exploring data to find patterns, explaining why a certain result occurred, forecasting future results etc. Once the business goal is determined, an analysis methodology is selected and data is acquired to support the analysis. Data is often extracted from one or more business systems, cleansed and integrated into a single repository. The analysis is performed against this data set. The tools range from simple spreadsheets with statistical functions to complex data mining and predictive modelling applications.  As patterns in the data are uncovered, new questions are asked and the process of analysis iterates until the business goal is met.

A good example of how data analytics can be used to improve a process and save costs is in the medical insurance industry.  Companies are using analytics in approval processes to reduce the time to complete approvals and reduce the overhead (and cost) of a human reviewing the case. These companies found that in some cases a particular process was approved something like 95% of the time after the doctor reviewed the case. So, analytics were developed that took the inputs of the particular case and based on past cases determined whether to approve the procedure or not.  This significantly reduced the time it took to approve the procedure (a win for the patient) and reduced the cost of the approval process (a win for the insurance company).

Data Governance

Data governance is an important function in your organization.  Data Governance sets the policies and procedures for data management and usage, resolving data issues, and ensuring business users make decisions using high quality data. Implementing a data governance framework requires careful planning, experience and skill, tools and technologies.

Vedicsoft assists organizations in planning and implementing data governance initiatives. Our services portfolio ranges from advisory to implementation.

  • Data Governance Strategy and Blueprint
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Data Governance Operating Model
  • Setup Policies and Procedures
  • Defining Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
  • Design Evaluation Metrics
  • Data Profiling and quality
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Archival
  • Implement Specific Technology Components(Data Profiling and Data Quality Systems, Meta Data Management System,  Data Archival Systems, Data Governance Effectiveness Monitoring System)

Business Process Engineering

Business process engineering brings together the art of business process design with the science of data and analytics, with the goal of making your business processes more efficient, effective and data driven.  Given how the business world has changed with so much more data available to leverage, it is important to apply data in ways that improve your business, either reduce cost or increase profit.  It really boils down to these 2 goals, and business process engineering focuses attention on each business process with these goals in mind.  Doing this requires a unique combination of business process design experience along with the ability to apply data and analytics in a way that keeps the business process sound but automates componentsof the process.

Vedicsoft typically is the right partner when a company needs flexibility in developing business processes that leverage data and data analytics. We don’t require large projects; instead we work with our clients to determine the areas where they need the help and then staff the projects and the roles accordingly.  If a single data Scientist is needed, that is what we provide. If a couple people are needed for the data management team, we provide that.  If the client needs a team to re-engineer a business process and integrate data and data analytics into it, that is what Vedicsoft provides. We provide just the right level of support, whatever that turns out to be.  We provide on shore and offshore support too, so we manage the cost of the work we do for clients as well.

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