Early adopters have proven that effective use of analytics is a game changer.  It can often be the difference between a slow declining status quo and a rapid and profound success.  We embrace new approaches that yield the breakthrough results of business intelligence and analytics, but provides the benefits sooner.  In a world of ever increasing data, we believe that data discovery and analytics empowerment are the keys to success.

For organizations that have data assets but struggle to leverage them, VSMART is an approach and tool set that will yield rapid return on investment for your analytic project.   Unlike traditional BI approaches, VSMART is an agile, cost effective approach to transforming data to actionable intelligence.

VSMART is an Agile approach to data analytics.  We combine our innovative rapid development process with modern BI and analytics tools to drive new insights and tackle your biggest data problems and opportunities.

We can combine and correlate data from any data source and visualize it for mobile consumption and collaboration in a secure and governed framework.  We facilitate data discovery and analysis while maintaining a single source of truth.With broad access to data, we can not only incorporate existing operational systems data, but also external systems like weather history and predictions and social media.  Seeing the whole picture allows you to better understand who your best customers are, what their behaviors are and how you can use data to impact your bottom line.

Working with our VAMPS platform, we are able to collect and analyze detailed information on patron digital interaction.  Data enriched by location information allows deep insight into patron behavior and opportunities for enhanced digital engagement.Powerful visualizations and easy access to multiple perspectives allow you to create and monitor the effectiveness of personalized campaigns and strategies to improve revenue.