VSPA (Vedicsoft Sales Process Automation) Sales are the lifeline of most companies. Enabling sales teams with the right tools and data to increase their productivity, competitiveness and have better outcomes remain a constant challenge. Due to the increase number of customer touch points and interactions, it has become extremely critical and challenging for enterprises to build a single view of customer and their interactions to derive and build a strong customer relationship. But a number of factors like silo-ed operations, lack of quality master data and sub-optimal data management processes pose a serious threat to the ongoing business transformation initiatives. A single view of customer and their interactions can yield actionable insights leading to a strong foundation for strong sales success and definite business outcomes. VSPA (Vedicsoft Sales process Automation) helps Gain insights into customer connections, interactions across channels, builds and maintains an enterprise’s organization structure, social graphs, relationship mapping, scoring on communication flows and builds insights into sugarCRM. These unique insights can be leveraged across business functions. The solution helps you-

  • Build exceptional customer relationships

» Showing real relationships with customers/prospects and providing the overall view of the customer/prospect

» Best path analysis by navigating relationships with prospects by leveraging the relationship structure and scoring mechanisms – Who has the strongest relationship and how actively they are engaged with the prospect/customer across channels?

  • Enable sales executives and managers to capture real time insights of all the relationships with any client across the organization to prioritize the activity and refine the sales strategy.
  • Smooth account transition and relationship handover.
  • Identify and uncover sales blind spots.
  • Identify champions/detractors/economic buyer/technical buyer
  • Drive sales Success – Effectively channelizes the sales team efforts on high probability accounts and increase pipeline predictability.
  • Increase CRM adoption

Solution Features

Relationship Management
Map ALL relationships – see many-to-many and single connections, as well as suggested core messaging based on relationship score.
Pipeline Management
Visualize the sales process, exit criteria, recommendations, and more
Today Page
For each sales rep – What should I be doing today? What are my most productive activities?
Territory Management
Score and rank customers, prospects, suspects, partners, competitors, and more
Opportunity Management
Validate every step – know what you don’t know, and see recommended critical success factors for each opportunity
Key Differentiators
Model, simulate and optimize your sales organization.
Score and rank everything, and watch your sales grow.
Custom sales management “Today Page”.